Being made redundant from my NHS Research Project Manager job in January 2016, was the push I needed to make a lifelong hobby a reality and start selling the flowers we grow, and so Delamere flower farm was born!

Having grown up on a sheep farm in the Peak District I have always loved being outside and growing things and now I get to do it as my job! (#followyourdreams) My favourite part is taking the seasonal flowers that we grow and arranging them into something beautiful. Delamere flower farm let’s me do the job I love and be at home for my small children Rose and Ben. It’s win, win!

When Pete and I got married, on the farm in Derbyshire, we did it all ourselves, from putting up the marquees to arranging the bouquets and buttonholes (believe me it wasn’t all plain sailing!), so I know how much hard work organising a wedding can be. That said, I still absolutely love talking about weddings and hearing brides’ flower ideas for their special day.


I have worked for many years in TV production for the BBC. It was whilst working for ‘Countryfile’ that my eyes were opened to the joy of making a living from getting your hands dirty amongst the earth. Now that’s exactly what I do, as Alice usually tasks me with the large infrastructure, hard landscaping projects that she, sorry we!, come up with, as we grow our blooming business.

Rose and Ben

Ben is the latest addition to our growing family and there were definitely days we thought we might have bitten off more than we could chew with a small baby and starting a new business. But they love running around the flower beds and Rose is our special little flower girl, as long as she can have a posy of purple and pink flowers!


So that’s us, family Taylor, living on our flower farm, hopefully our story will inspire you to follow your dreams, like many of our friends @flowersfromthefarm.

Flowers from the farm

We are a member of the Flowers from the farm network which is a non-profit organisation of like minded people, growing, arranging and championing British seasonal flowers. We encourage and inspire each other to get out there and get weeding, sowing and growing whatever the weather! They are a wonderful group of people who will always love to have a cup of tea and talk for hours about flowers.